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Pain Medicine
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There may be more solutions for the management or elimination of your pain. Because the treatment options can be so numerous and many of them require specific training or specialty skills, pain medicine is a specialty in medical practice. If your general practice doctor or surgeon have been unable to effectively eliminate your pain through usual care, please consider an evaluation with a pain management / pain medicine specialist, available at The Taub Group.
The Taub Group has solutions for:
Specialty treatments and services at The Taub Group may include:
The Taub Group specializes in providing medical treatments and coordinating rehabilitation and other services for a variety of functional disabilities and injuries. Whether your condition is new or long-standing, you should consider scheduling an evaluation. Contact us now.

Pain Medicine and Your Family Doctor
The Taub Group does not provide primary care, so working with us will not mean you will be switching doctors. We will work with your primary care physician to help you with a specific complaint or condition in physical medicine or pain medicine. When and if you no longer need the specialized services of a physical medicine doctor / pain medicine specialist for your condition or goals, your family practitioner will continue to provide your lifelong care.
Pain Medicine and Your Surgeon
The Taub Group provides non-surgical, medical treatments. However, as pain medicine / physical medicine doctors, our specialty encompasses the multidisciplinary coordination of care for pain and disability. This means that The Taub Group will not limit your care to the treatments we provide on-site. When planning your care, our doctors use the latest research and science to roster the team of healthcare practitioners you need. This team may include surgeons, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, or homecare. Your physician here will work closely with everyone on your healthcare team to make sure that your care is coordinated, efficient, and effective. When and if surgery proves the best course of treatment for your condition, we will coordinate care with your surgeon or help you choose a good surgeon for your procedure.
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