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Effective Treatment for Addiction.
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Medical Solutions for Addiction
Medical science now demonstrates there are genetic and biochemical reasons some people become addicted while others do not. We provide medical treatment plus counseling support to give clients the greatest opportunity for overcoming addiction.

Are you concerned about the effects mind-altering substances are having on your life? Are pain relievers, alcohol, heroin, opioids, or marijuana causing problems at work, in your relationships, or financially? If so, these substances may no longer be therapeutic or recreational for you. It's time to schedule an assessment with a knowledgeable, compassionate professional.
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Suboxone Treatment
More than two million Americans are currently addicted to opioid (opiate) medications such as Vicodin, Oxycontin, and Demerol. The Taub Group provides effective Suboxone treatment plans for overcoming opiate addiction. We do so in a professional, medical-office environment free of Methadone.
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Addiction Medicine
In alcohol and drug rehabilitation, doctors who are themselves battling addiction receive the best care plans available. Physician health programs have the highest rates of success in addiction medicine, with greater than 80% success rates noted. At The Taub Group, we believe every person who wants to improve life by overcoming addiction deserves the best treatment, the same treatment doctors typically seek for themselves. Our addiction treatment plans include medication proven to reduce withdrawal symptoms, reduce cravings, and greatly improve success rates with moderation and abstinence efforts. Our addiction treatment services also include counseling, long-term support and monitoring, drug testing, and rapid reevaluation in the event of a relapse.
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Pain Medicine
In some cases, normal medical care available from a general practitioner or surgeon does not have the tools and procedures to sufficiently manage a patient's severe or chronic pain. In these cases, referral to a pain medicine specialist such as The Taub Group in Charlotte, NC offers additional solutions. With thorough knowledge of pain assessment and pain medicine, and with specialty treatments such as ketamine infusions, hyaluronic acid injections, custom-compounded topical creams, and closely managed opioid plans, The Taub Group has freed many patients from life-altering pain.
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