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To Begin Recovery
Has the use of substances such as pain relievers, alcohol, or recreational drugs affected your job, your relationships, or your health? Do you take personal and professional risks to obtain and use these substances? If any of this describes your situation, it is possible that these substances no longer serve you as medicinal or recreational. You have probably tried to quit or moderate your consumption of this substance, but found that, for you and this substance, "just quitting" doesn't seem to be an option.

The first step on the path to eliminating the negative effects these substances are having on your life is recognizing that these substances are not serving you. It's recognizing that a problem has developed.

Despite messages that seem to come from our society, the medical problem of addiction does not mean a person has a moral or personality shortcoming. Medical research now demonstrates that some people are genetically prone to addiction.

It is the practice philosophy at The Taub Group that a coordinated medical + counseling approach is the most sensible and effective plan for overcoming addictive substances. Research demonstrates how this approach greatly improves each person's chances of success in the face of addiction.

If any of this rings true for you and your life, now is the time to schedule a talk with someone who knows addiction very well, who knows how to evaluate it, and who knows how to overcome it. Regardless of where you are right now. Regardless of what time of day or night it is. Please contact us now to schedule a visit at our practice.
Suboxone Treatment Plans
More than two million Americans struggle with additction to opioids (opiate medicaion such as Vicodin, Oxycontin, and Demerol). Well managed Suboxone treatment plans enable people to overcome that addiction. When prescribed appropriately, Suboxone replaces the opioid addiction. Then the Suboxone can be tapered off slowly with a minimum of withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone does not create the same euphoric effect as Methadone. It can be tapered off more successfully than Methadone, and Suboxone has a lower risk of over-taking and toxicity.

We provide Suboxone treatment plans for patients serious about overcoming addiction. While compassion and understanding are hallmarks of addiction treatment at The Taub Group, we provide Suboxone Treatment plans in a respectful, professional, medical-office environment free of Methadone.

For more technical information on Suboxone Treatment Plans, see our article: Office-Based Treatment for Opioid Dependence.

Medical & Counseling Assessment
It's not always the case, but personal stories of addiction often begin with medical problems or life altering events. Sometimes pain was not sufficiently managed after a surgery or injury; a person sought out pain medicine on his or her own and became addicted. Sometimes a person has used alcohol or some other substance to help cope with strong emotions only to find the problems compounded when he or she could not stop using the substance. Or, sometimes a person was simply using alcohol or some other substance recreationally, just like friends had used the same substance, but he or she became addicted.

In many cases, overcoming addiction must be more than emotional support during the effort to stop using. It is vitally important to identify and address the medical problem or emotional challenge that is the root cause of substance use. This is why, at The Taub Group, your personal plan for recovery begins with a thorough assessment that address your medical and emotional wellbeing from before substance use, until today. Where pain and prescription medications are involved, The Taub Group is also a pain medicine specialty practice - highly efficient at implementing the right solutions for medical pain syndrome. Where emotional challenges are involved, The Taub Group has very experienced counselors specialized in addiction treatment. We can guide you not only in overcoming a substance use problem, but in overcoming the root of your challenges related to that substance use.

Addiction Medicine
The Taub Group offers medical treatment specifically related to the challenge of moderating or quitting the use of addictive substances such as alcohol and opioids. Medicine such as disulfiram, acamprosate, and naltrexone have long been established as beneficial in helping people get off addictive substances and reduce the chance of relapses. New and exciting research shows that medicines such as baclofen, gabapentin, and naltrexone can further moderate withdrawal symptoms and/or reduce cravings. For instance, in one study, doctors found that prescribing daily doses of baclofen to people addicted to alcohol more than doubled the abstinence success rates. The Taub Group will assess for opportunities to provide medicine that makes quitting and staying abstinent easier.

Person-Centered Counseling
The Taub Group provides addiction counseling services, especially a type of counseling called Person-Centered Therapy. Research has demonstrated that Person-Centered Therapy is one of the most effective counseling approaches in addiction treatment - if not the most effective approach. Person-centered counseling means that a licensed counselor simply helps an individual honestly explore his or her addiction problem and helps that person discover and implement his or her own solutions. It starts with creating an environment that is non-judgmental, empathetic, genuine, and positive - where there is a unconditional regard for clients, their situation, and their wellbeing. It progresses as your counselor learns how you as an individual frame your thoughts, feelings, and reactions, so your counselor can take an empathetic approach in guiding the therapy. It concludes successfully as clients actually discover their own, individualized tools for managing their lives and employ those tools and patterns successfully.

Pain Medicine
in Charlotte, NC
There may be more solutions for the management or elimination of your pain. Because the treatment options can be so numerous and many of them require specific training or specialty skills, pain medicine is a specialty in medical practice. If your general practice doctor or surgeon have been unable to effectively eliminate your pain through usual care, please consider an evaluation with a pain management / pain medicine specialist, available at The Taub Group.

The Taub Group has solutions for:
Specialty treatments and services at The Taub Group may include:
The Taub Group specializes in providing medical treatments and coordinating rehabilitation and other services for a variety of functional disabilities and injuries. Whether your condition is new or long-standing, you should consider scheduling an evaluation. Contact us now.

Pain Medicine and Your Family Doctor
The Taub Group does not provide primary care, so working with us not mean you will be switching doctors. We will work with your primary care physician to help you with a specific complaint or condition in physical medicine or pain medicine. When and if you no longer need the specialized services of a physical medicine doctor / pain medicine specialist for your condition or goals, your family practitioner will continue to provide your lifelong care.

Pain Medicine and Your Surgeon
The Taub Group provides non-surgical, medical treatments. However, as pain medicine / physical medicine doctors, our specialty encompasses the multidisciplinary coordination of care for pain and disability. This means that The Taub Group will not limit your care to the treatments we provide on-site. When planning your care, our doctors use the latest research and science to roster the team of healthcare practitioners you need. This team may include surgeons, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, or homecare. Your physician here will work closely with everyone on your healthcare team to make sure that your care is coordinated, efficient, and effective. When and if surgery proves the best course of treatment for your condition, we will coordinate care with your surgeon or help you choose a good surgeon for your procedure.